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What Is LLDP?

What Is LLDP?

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on November 30th, 2022
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

The LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a layer two protocol that allows network devices to advertise their capabilities and other information to each other.

It provides a consistent and automated way for network devices to discover and learn information about each other on the local area network.

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LLDP is based on the IEEE 802.1AB standard and is a vendor-neutral protocol.

It may or may not be enabled by default, dependent on the make/model of the networking appliance.

Benefits of LLDP

Improved Network Visibility

LLDP provides the network administrator with a comprehensive view of the network, including all connected devices and their capabilities. This can help identify any weaknesses or potential issues that need to be addressed.

Easy Troubleshooting

Having an up-to-date view of the network simplifies troubleshooting when problems arise. By checking the LLDP information, administrators can quickly identify the source of the issue and take corrective action.

Automated Network Management

LLDP provides the ability to automatically configure and update network devices, reducing the time and effort required to manage them. This can improve the overall efficiency of the network.

Enhanced Security

LLDP helps ensure that only authorized devices are connected to the network and that all devices are configured correctly. This can help protect the network from malicious actors.

Improved Performance

LLDP can help improve the overall performance of the network by ensuring that devices are properly configured and up-to-date.

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