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Zane Lackey: Co-founder of Signal Sciences

Zane Lackey: Co-founder of Signal Sciences

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 31st, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Zane Lackey is a leading expert in the technology and cybersecurity industry. He is best known as the co-founder and Chief Security Officer of Signal Sciences, a company specializing in web defense and security. Prior to this venture, Lackey served at Etsy, an e-commerce website, where he played a crucial role in pioneering the company’s use of DevOps and security practices.

In addition to his impressive professional accomplishments, Lackey is also a reputed author. His book, “Building a Modern Security Program,” is highly regarded in the tech circle. Aside from his written work, Lackey frequently shares his knowledge as a speaker at global conferences, imparting wisdom on modern security practices and technology trends.

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1. Zane Lackey’s Professional Journey: From Leading a Tech Team at Etsy to Co-Founding Signal Sciences

Zane Lackey carved a notable career path, starting with his stint at Etsy. As a member of the tech team, Lackey played a pivotal role in shaping Etsy’s use of modern tech practices known as DevOps. He was instrumental in developing a robust security framework that protected the e-commerce platform, facilitating its steady growth.

Following his previous tech management experience, Lackey ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding Signal Sciences. His vision as the Chief Security Officer enabled the company to specialize in web defense and security. Under his leadership, Signal Sciences has become a respected name in the cybersecurity industry, setting high standards with its innovative approaches and solutions.

2. Zane Lackey as an Author: An Overview of His Book, “Building a Modern Security Program”

Zane Lackey is not just known for his professional exploits but also for his talent as a writer. He penned a book titled “Building a Modern Security Program.” In this work, Lackey delves into his expertise and offers a roadmap for creating a resilient, modern security program. He draws on his experience and insights gained from years in the tech industry, making it a valuable companion for anyone in the field of cybersecurity.

The book has been met with warm reception within the technology and cybersecurity community. Readers praise it for its detailed and practical approach, as well as the quality of the content that Lackey provides. Combining theory with real-world applications, he makes complex concepts accessible to a broad range of readers, from novices to seasoned professionals.

3. Zane Lackey, the Speaker: His Contributions to Global Conferences on Technology and Cybersecurity Trends

Zane Lackey’s reach extends beyond the written word and into the world of public speaking. He is often invited as a keynote speaker at international conferences and seminars, where he speaks about cutting-edge technology trends and security practices. His talks are known for their depth of knowledge and engaging delivery, making him a much sought-after figure in these events.

Over the years, Lackey has helped set direction in technology and cybersecurity through his thought-provoking insights and discussions. He has a knack for breaking down complex ideas into easily understandable topics, making him an effective educator in the industry. Through his speaking engagements, Lackey continues to influence and shape the future of cybersecurity and technology on a global scale.


Zane Lackey’s impact on the tech world as a practitioner, author, and speaker is considerable. With his combination of professional accomplishments and thought leadership through writing and speaking, he proves to be a driving and inspiring force in the landscape of modern cybersecurity and technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Zane Lackey contributed significantly to the growth of Etsy, helping the company adopt DevOps and improved security measures.
  • As a co-founder and the Chief Security Officer of Signal Sciences, Lackey steered the company to be a leading name in web defense and security.
  • Lackey authored the book “Building a Modern Security Program,” where he shares his insights on constructing a strong, modern security framework.
  • In addition to his writing, Lackey actively participates in speaking engagements at global tech and cybersecurity conferences.
  • His impact on the tech and cybersecurity world extends beyond his professional endeavors, demonstrating his skills as a thought leader and educator on technology trends and security practices.

Related Questions

1. What was Lackey’s role in Etsy?

At Etsy, Zane Lackey played a key role in the tech team, helping the company adopt DevOps practices and establishing a comprehensive security framework to protect the e-commerce platform.

2. What is Signal Sciences’ main area of expertise?

Signal Sciences, which Lackey co-founded, specializes in providing web defense and security solutions. The company’s focus is on developing innovative approaches to cybersecurity.

3. What is the theme of Lackey’s book?

Lackey’s book, “Building a Modern Security Program”, provides a roadmap for creating a cutting-edge and resilient security program, drawing from his extensive experience in the tech industry.

4. What characterizes Lackey’s speaking engagements?

Lackey’s talks at global conferences are known for their depth of knowledge, engaging delivery, and practicality. He brings complex ideas down to an understandable level, making him an effective educator in the tech and cybersecurity industry.

5. How does Lackey contribute to the tech and cybersecurity community?

Lackey has made substantial contributions to the tech and cybersecurity community through his professional work at Etsy and Signal Sciences, his book, and his speaking engagements. His insights and strategies continue to influence and shape the direction of technology and cybersecurity.

Interview of Zane Lackey (Video)

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