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Chris Wysopal: Co-founder of Veracode and Member of the L0pht

Chris Wysopal: Co-founder of Veracode and Member of the L0pht

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 30th, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Chris Wysopal, also known by his alias Weld Pond, is a cybersecurity expert and a seasoned professional in the field of tech. He’s recognized for his role as Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Veracode and for his active part in the ’90s hacker collective, L0pht Heavy Industries.

Wysopal has significantly contributed to IT security and software testing, guiding the industry to build safer software. He has testified about software security issues in front of the U.S. Congress and is marked by the media as one of the most influential people in IT security.

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His vast experience and deep knowledge make him one of the most vital figures in the cybersecurity industry.

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Chris Wysopal’s Career and Contributions to Cybersecurity

Chris Wysopal’s career in cybersecurity spans decades, making him a trailblazer in the industry. His early days were marked by a keen interest in ethical hacking that led him to join the ’90s hacker collective known as L0pht Heavy Industries. Through this group, Wysopal played a significant role in bringing the concept of ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure into the mainstream IT world.

His contributions to the field didn’t stop at his hacker collective involvement. Wysopal transitioned his curiosity and skills into a professional career, which led him to co-found Veracode – a company that focuses explicitly on software security testing. His work at Veracode has played a substantial role in guiding businesses to build safer software solutions. Furthermore, his diligence drove him to testify about software security issues before the U.S. Congress, advocating for better software security standards across industries.

Wysopal has co-authored a book on secure coding – Art of Software Security Testing, providing valuable insights and knowledge to other professionals in the field. He is also respected for his dedication to public speaking, frequently commenting on IT security, and offering his expertise in various industry forums, conferences, and seminars. His contributions to cybersecurity mark him as a pivotal figure in the field.

Role and Experience at Veracode

As Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Veracode, Chris Wysopal has led the company’s strategy. Veracode, specializing in software application security, owes much of its success to Wysopal’s innovative approaches to testing software and addressing security issues. His extensive cybersecurity knowledge and knowledge of anticipating potential risks have enabled the company to forge a solid reputation in the IT security industry.

Chris Wysopal’s skills have also helped Veracode establish a comprehensive suite of services, offering various security testing approaches from Binary Static Analysis to Dynamic Analysis to help organizations reduce risk, ensure compliance, manage security priorities, and achieve secure DevOps workflows.

Besides leading technological innovations, Wysopal has fostered a knowledge-sharing environment at Veracode. He has consistently provided insights and valuable expertise to the field, supporting the ongoing learning and growth of other professionals in cybersecurity while also fostering the development of more secure software.

Influence and Recognition in the IT Security Industry

Chris Wysopal’s significant contributions to the IT security industry have made him a highly influential figure. His early involvement with L0pht Heavy Industries placed him at the forefront of ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure. This pioneering work has helped shape how modern software security is approached, impacting the processes of businesses and governments worldwide.

The recognition he’s earned is equally impressive. He has been honored by several reputed organizations and media outlets for his contributions to the field of IT security. For instance, he was included in the “100 Most Influential People in IT” by eWeek and listed in the “Top 5 Most Influential IT Security Thinkers” by SC Magazine. These accolades reflect the far-reaching impact of his work on the industry.

Wysopal’s influence also extends to his commitment to sharing his wealth of knowledge. Through his public speaking engagements, a co-authored book on secure coding, and testimonies to the US Congress, Wysopal has continually used his influence to elevate the importance of software security, making him a highly respected thought leader in IT security.


Chris Wysopal, with his vast experience and significant contributions, has undoubtedly carved a niche for himself in the cybersecurity industry. As an ethical hacker, co-founder of Veracode, and a respected thought leader, he continues to drive the industry forward, reinforcing safer, more secure software practices for businesses globally.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Wysopal, an influential figure in cybersecurity, is known for his contributions as a co-founder of Veracode and membership in the ’90s hacker collective, L0pht Heavy Industries.
  • At Veracode, Wysopal has led strategies to enhance software security testing and advanced security DevOps workflows, making the digital world safer.
  • Due to his sustained commitment to IT security, Wysopal has earned multiple recognitions, including being named among the “100 Most Influential People in IT” by eWeek and “Top 5 Most Influential IT Security Thinkers” by SC Magazine.

Related Questions

1. Who is L0pht Heavy Industries, and what is its connection to Chris Wysopal?

L0pht Heavy Industries was a hacker collective active during the ’90s, where hackers like Chris Wysopal began their journey. It was known for its ethical hacking and vulnerability disclosure activities, which significantly impacted software security practices.

2. What has Chris Wysopal’s role been at Veracode?

As a co-founder and the Chief Technology Officer of Veracode, Chris Wysopal has influenced the company’s software security strategies and services, helping organizations reduce risks and achieve secure DevOps.

3. Has Chris Wysopal written any publications?

Yes, Chris Wysopal co-authored a book on secure coding that provides insights and knowledge on creating secure software and handling security vulnerabilities.

4. What recognitions has Chris Wysopal received in the field of IT security?

Chris Wysopal has been recognized multiple times for his contributions to IT security, including being named in the “100 Most Influential People in IT” by eWeek and listed among the “Top 5 Most Influential IT Security Thinkers” by SC Magazine.

5. Has Chris Wysopal contributed to legislative discussions on IT security?

Yes, Wysopal has shared his expertise with policymakers by testifying about software security issues in front of the US Congress, strongly advocating for security standards in software development.

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