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Georgia Weidman: Founder of Bulb Security

Georgia Weidman: Founder of Bulb Security

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 30th, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Georgia Weidman is a renowned figure in the cybersecurity world. She is a penetration tester and a security researcher. As an entrepreneur, she established two successful firms – Bulb Security, a cybersecurity consulting company, and Shevirah, a mobile security startup.
She is also known for her accomplishments as an author. Georgia Weidman’s book, “Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking”, is widely read and well-regarded in the cybersecurity community.
In the world of academia, she has played an active role. Georgia has guest lectured at several esteemed institutions, providing vital insights into the rapidly evolving field of cybersecurity. Her work and research in this field have considerably advanced our understanding of cyber threats and the best ways to counter them.
Hence, Georgia Weidman is essentially a well-rounded professional who has made significant contributions to the cybersecurity realm as an entrepreneur, researcher, author, and lecturer.

1. Georgia Weidman as an Entrepreneur

Georgia Weidman pioneered her way into the entrepreneurial world with the establishment of Bulb Security. This is a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in cutting-edge network security and penetration testing services. With her exceptional skills and innovative techniques, she led this firm to cater to the unique security needs of each client, offering tailor-made solutions that effectively ensured their digital environment’s safety.

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Besides Bulb Security,she also launched a tech startup,Shevirah. This company focuses on mobile security, offering products and services designed to detect and manage security vulnerabilities in mobile devices and applications. Shevirah demonstrates Georgia’s ability to identify emerging trends, including the rise of smartphones as both work and personal tools, and adapt swiftly to create effective security solutions.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur, Georgia Weidman has significantly contributed to the cybersecurity field. She not only built thriving companies but also helped create secure digital landscapes for numerous individuals and businesses.

2. Her Contributions to Academia and Literature

Along with her impressive entrepreneurial ventures, Georgia Weidman has left a noteworthy impact on the academic and literary fronts. She has frequently guest lectured at top-notch universities, sharing her knowledge and experience with the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. Her lectures encompass practical, real-world insights into cybersecurity, thereby equipping students to tackle future security challenges effectively.

Her mark on literature is equally impactful. She documented her expertise in the extensive and practical guide, “Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking”. This book has been a significant contribution to cybersecurity literature, providing in-depth, step-by-step insights into the art of hacking for defensive purposes. Through this book, Georgia has assiduously shared her know-how, serving to guide both newbies and established professionals in enhancing their cybersecurity skills.

Thus, Georgia’s contributions in both academia and literature have been a boon to the cybersecurity sector, driving knowledge expansion and best practice sharing.

3. Georgia Weidman’s Role in Cybersecurity Research

In addition to her entrepreneurial and educational achievements, Georgia Weidman has flourished as a cybersecurity researcher. She has taken part in numerous research projects focused primarily on overcoming cybersecurity threats and enhancing strategies deployed to counter cyber-attacks. Georgia consistently strives for the evolution and development of cybersecurity knowledge.

Of particular note is her innovative approach to penetration testing. Georgia’s methodology and techniques have shifted industry paradigms, representing significant advancements in the field. Her prowess in creating cybersecurity tools and methods for effective penetration testing proves her outstanding capability to navigate the intricacies of cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Overall, Georgia’s footprint in cybersecurity research has greatly impacted the industry. Her relentless pursuit of knowledge and dedication to uncovering novel solutions has ensured her status as a trailblazer in the field of cybersecurity.


Georgia Weidman’s multi-faceted contributions to the cybersecurity field, as an entrepreneur, academic influencer, and researcher, underscore her dynamism. Her valuable insights, innovative techniques, and commitment to the advancement of cybersecurity best practices make her a truly influential figure in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Georgia Weidman is a distinguished cybersecurity professional, contributing to the industry as an entrepreneur, academic, author, and researcher.
  • She founded two companies, Bulb Security and Shevirah, both specializing in unique facets of cybersecurity.
  • Georgia has shared her expertise through guest lecturing at esteemed institutions and authoring the influential book, “Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking”.
  • Her innovative contributions to cybersecurity research have significantly influenced the industry’s understanding and mitigation of cyber threats.
  • All her endeavors underscore her dedication to advancing cybersecurity practices and equipping individuals and businesses with the means to safeguard their digital landscapes.
  • Related Questions

    1. What sparked Georgia Weidman’s interest in cybersecurity?

    As a tech enthusiast from a young age, Georgia Weidman’s interest in cybersecurity was sparked by her fascination with technology’s evolving landscape and the accompanying security challenges.

    2. How does Georgia Weidman’s work influence upcoming cybersecurity professionals?

    Her work as an author, lecturer, and practitioner greatly influences upcoming cybersecurity professionals. Her insights and experiences provide them with a practical understanding of cybersecurity, helping them prepare for real-world challenges.

    3. What is the significance of her book, “Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking”?

    This book is a comprehensive guide to the practice of ethical hacking. It offers in-depth insights and practical tips for cyber defense, making it a valuable resource for both beginners and seasoned professionals in the cybersecurity field.

    4. How does Shevirah, the mobile security startup founded by Georgia Weidman, contribute to the cybersecurity field?

    Shevirah recognizes the increasing use of smartphones and the security vulnerabilities that can arise as a result. The startup focuses on offering solutions for detecting and addressing mobile security risks, thereby contributing significantly to the mobile cybersecurity field.

    5. What is Georgia Weidman’s approach to cybersecurity research?

    Georgia’s approach to cybersecurity research centers on continuous learning and innovation. She aims to uncover novel, effective solutions to combat evolving cyber threats, continually pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in cybersecurity.

    "Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."
    -- Bruce Schneier, a renown computer security professional
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