Tarah Wheeler: Advocate for Women in Cybersecurity

Tarah Wheeler: Advocate for Women in Cybersecurity

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Advocate
 Last update: November 25, 2023

Tarah Wheeler is a well-known cybersecurity expert, author, and speaker. She has gained extensive knowledge and skills in the field of tech security during her years in the industry. She authored “Women In Tech”, a book that encourages women to pursue careers in technology. Wheeler has contributed to improving the security of large corporations, serving as the International Security Fellow at New America, leading a team at Symantec Website Security, and working as Head of Offensive Security & Technical Data Privacy at Splunk. Also, she was a Fulbright Scholar, further pushing her commitment to bring change and improvement in global cybersecurity. Her combination of leadership and technical skills make her a prominent figure in the world of cybersecurity.

1. Tarah Wheeler’s Leadership Roles in Major Tech Corporations

Tarah Wheeler has made significant strides in her career, occupying leadership roles in several major technology corporations. One of her critical roles was at Symantec Website Security, where she served as a cybersecurity czar. Here, she played a significant part in enhancing the corporation’s online safety strategy, contributing her vast knowledge and experience in data protection and cyber threat analysis.

After her stint at Symantec, Wheeler took on the role of Head of Offensive Security & Technical Data Privacy at Splunk, an American multinational corporation that produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data. At Splunk, she was instrumental in fortifying the company’s cyber defense mechanisms, showcasing her ability to lead high-performing security teams.

Her leadership roles in these significant tech corporations show not only her technical prowess but also her capacity to drive teams towards achieving a common goal in the complex field of cybersecurity.

2. Impact of Wheeler’s Book “Women In Tech”

Tarah Wheeler’s book “Women In Tech” is widely recognized as a powerful tool for inspiring and empowering women to thrive in tech-driven careers. This book provides practical advice on how women can navigate their way and make a significant impact in the predominantly male-dominated industry.

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The book, viewed as an essential read for women tech enthusiasts, covers subjects such as career planning, job hunting, networking, and skill management. For those seeking to crack the glass ceiling in the tech sector, Wheeler’s insightful experiences and wisdom shared in the book serve as an encouraging and valuable guide.

Beyond just a guide, “Women In Tech” has instigated conversations around gender diversity and inclusion in tech, pushing forward the need for a more balanced and representative industry. Therefore, the essence of Wheeler’s book reaches beyond just career advice to societal reform in tech workplaces.

3. Wheeler’s Contributions to Global Cybersecurity as a Fulbright Scholar and International Security Fellow

Tarah Wheeler has a significant global impact on cybersecurity, as evidenced by her roles as a Fulbright Scholar and International Security Fellow at New America. These positions gave her a platform to showcase her expertise in cybersecurity and further impact technological advancement and security on a global scale.

As a Fulbright Scholar, Wheeler was given the chance to pursue studies and research in foreign countries. This opportunity allowed her to lend her expertise to international cybersecurity practices, contributing to the broader discussion and implementation of trustworthy cyber strategies all over the world.

In her role as an International Security Fellow at New America, Wheeler focused on national security in the digital age. Her work helped shape cyber policy, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in protecting national interests. Through these roles, Wheeler’s influence and contributions to global cybersecurity are undeniably substantial.


Tarah Wheeler is a trailblazer in the field of cybersecurity, with her experience in leading roles at major tech corporations, inspiring literature, and international influence contributing significantly towards improving global cyber strategies. Her commitment to promoting gender diversity in tech and strengthening cybersecurity worldwide makes her an influential figure whose impact will be felt for generations to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Tarah Wheeler is a renowned cybersecurity expert, with significant contributions at large tech companies like Symantec and Splunk.
  • She authored the book “Women In Tech”, which serves as a guide for women to navigate and succeed in the tech industry.
  • As a Fulbright Scholar and International Security Fellow at New America, Wheeler expanded her influence, contributing to global cyber strategies.
  • Related Questions

    1. Where did Tarah Wheeler study?

    Tarah Wheeler graduated from the Harvard Kennedy School, where she obtained her master’s degree. She also attended Pacific Lutheran University for her undergraduate degree.

    2. What other organizations has Wheeler been involved with?

    Wheeler is an active participant in several cybersecurity and tech-related organizations. She has been associated with groups like the Red Queen Group, Fizzmint, and Hack the People.

    3. Is Tarah Wheeler involved in any notable tech projects?

    Yes, beyond her corporate roles, Wheeler has also been involved in different tech projects. She co-founded Fizzmint, an end-to-end employee management company. She’s also active in Hack the People, a technology mentorship initiative she founded.

    4. How does Wheeler’s book “Women In Tech” contribute to tech diversity?

    Wheeler’s book provides practical advice for women pursuing tech careers, inspiring them to break the gender barriers in the industry. It also promotes conversations about gender diversity and inclusion in tech, pushing for wider societal reform.

    5. What is Tarah Wheeler’s perspective on the evolving dynamics in cybersecurity?

    Wheeler recognizes the ever-evolving nature of cybersecurity threats and the importance of continuous learning and adaptive strategies. She believes in using proactive offensive security measures to anticipate and counter threats, as evidenced by her role as Head of Offensive Security at Splunk.

    "Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."
    -- Bruce Schneier, a renown computer security professional