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Chris Kubecka: Worked On Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime

Chris Kubecka: Worked On Cyberwarfare and Cybercrime

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 30th, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Chris Kubecka is an esteemed cybersecurity expert and keynote speaker. Known for her commendable expertise in the industry, she has successfully founded and leads HypaSec. With a career that started from the US Air Force Space Command, she also restarted Saudi Aramco’s cybersecurity entity following a major cyber warfare attack. Her experience covers a broad spectrum of IT including network security, incident response, and digital forensics. In the past, she served as an advisor to the European Space Agency’s Space Safety program. Besides this, she’s an author and spreads awareness about cyber security via her writings and public speaking engagements.

1. Career Journey: From the US Air Force Space Command to HypaSec

Chris Kubecka’s career journey is a testament to her passion for cybersecurity. Her journey began in the military, specifically the US Air Force Space Command. Here, she honed her skills in information technology and cybersecurity, and this rigorous training formed the foundation of her career in the field. Armed with this experience, she was able to navigate her way through the technological intricacies of the industry with precision.

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Post her stint with the US Air Force Space, she embarked on a new venture and established her own cybersecurity company, HypaSec. Starting HypaSec emphasised the breadth of her knowledge, her leadership skills, and her dedication to promoting digital safety. As a firm committed to information security, HypaSec is focused on providing excellent service to its clients, fortifying their information systems, and making cyberspace safer. Kubecka, at the helm, ensures these goals are met adequately.

2. Major Achievements: Saudi Aramco’s Cybersecurity revival, advisor to European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program

One of the remarkable milestones in Kubecka’s career was when she stepped in to restore Saudi Aramco’s cybersecurity operations following a devastating cyber warfare attack. This task was complex, demanding knowledge of advanced security systems and a strategic approach to prevent further incidents. Her efforts paid off; she was able to resurrect the company’s digital security infrastructure, proving her mettle in the process.

In addition to her work at Saudi Aramco, her expertise was recognized by the European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program. She stepped up as an advisor, showing her versatility and capacity to apply her knowledge across various sectors. This role extended her reach beyond conventional cybersecurity frameworks, emboldening her life’s mission to make the digital world more secure.

3. Contributions as an Author and Public Speaker in Promoting Cybersecurity Awareness

Aside from her professional endeavors, Chris Kubecka has made significant contributions to cybersecurity through her written works and public speaking. She has authored insightful pieces designed to educate the public about the importance of cybersecurity, its challenges, and the existing protective measures. These writings demonstrate her commitment to sharing her knowledge and promoting awareness about the ever-evolving digital threats.

Her role as a public speaker has extended her influence even further. With numerous speaking engagements under her belt, she’s lent her voice and experience to conferences and seminars all over the world. Through her speeches, Kubecka spreads a crucial message: that of vigilance in the digital age. She offers her insights to help both individuals and companies fortify their digital defenses, strengthen their security measures, and navigate the complexities of the digital universe with safety and confidence.


Chris Kubecka is an exemplar in the field of cybersecurity. With a career that creatively bridges military training and entrepreneurial success, and a dedication to sharing her knowledge through her writings and public speaking, she continues to influence the global perspective on cybersecurity, making the digital world a more secure place for all.

Key Takeaways

  • Chris Kubecka started her career in the US Air Force Space Command and went on to establish her own cybersecurity firm, HypaSec.
  • She played an integral role in rebuilding Saudi Aramco’s cybersecurity entity following a major cyber attack.
  • She served as an advisor for the European Space Agency’s Space Safety program, showcasing her adaptability in applying her cybersecurity expertise across diverse sectors.
  • Kubecka utilizes her writing skills and her title as a public speaker to raise awareness on the importance of cybersecurity.
  • Her dedication to making cyberspace more secure is evident in her career trajectory, her writings, and her global influence as a speaker.

Related Questions

1. What contribution has Chris Kubecka made to Saudi Aramco?

Kubecka stepped in to rebuild Saudi Aramco’s digital security infrastructure following a severe cyber warfare attack. Her expertise and strategic approach restored the company’s cybersecurity entity and minimized the risk of future incidents.

2. What is Kubecka’s role with the European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program?

Kubecka served as an advisor for the European Space Agency’s Space Safety Program. Her role there highlighted her ability to transfer her cybersecurity knowledge to other sectors, including space safety.

3. How has Kubecka used her voice to promote cybersecurity awareness?

As a public speaker, Kubecka has attended conferences and seminars worldwide to discuss cybersecurity. She uses these opportunities to stress the importance of digital safety and offers insights into how individuals and companies can enhance their online security.

4. In what other ways does Kubecka contribute to the cybersecurity industry aside from her professional practice?

Beyond her professional roles, Kubecka is an author and frequently writes about cybersecurity. She harnesses these platforms to educate her readers about digital defense strategies and the emerging threats in the digital world.

5. How will Chris Kubecka’s work impact the future of cybersecurity?

With her years of experience, strategic expertise, and passion for education, Kubecka’s work is paving the way for a more secure digital future. Her ongoing contributions will likely shape cybersecurity policies and defense strategies for years to come.

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."
-- Bruce Schneier, a renown computer security professional
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