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Parisa Tabriz: Google’s Director of Engineering

Parisa Tabriz: Google’s Director of Engineering

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 30th, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Parisa Tabriz is a highly skilled and renowned cybersecurity expert. She has been working with Google for more than a decade, where she holds the intriguing title of “Security Princess”. The focus of her work is to keep Google users safe from cyber threats. Tabriz is also notable for her drive in encouraging women to get involved in the field of cybersecurity. Being of Iranian-Polish descent, she has contributed immensely to the tech industry’s diversity, highlighting her role as a mentor and advocate for underrepresented groups. Furthermore, she has participated in and organized numerous cybersecurity conferences and events worldwide.

1. Career at Google

Parisa Tabriz began her career at Google as a software engineer fresh out of graduate school in 2007. Her commitment, drive, and unique approach to cybersecurity quickly set her apart, leading to her current role as Google’s “Security Princess”. It is in this role that Tabriz works tirelessly to protect over a billion users from potential cyber threats.

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Tabriz manages Google’s Chrome security team which is tasked with identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in the Chrome browser. She also oversees ‘Project Zero’, an elite team within Google that hunts down and nullifies zero-day vulnerabilities. These are previously undisclosed software exploits that could potentially be manipulated by hackers before the software developers become aware of them.

Over the years, she has implemented several security upgrades to Chrome, making it one of the most secure web browsers available today. Her work has cemented her reputation as a leading authority in cybersecurity within Google and the broader tech world.

2. Advocacy for Women in Cybersecurity

Apart from her remarkable career at Google, Parisa Tabriz is known for promoting gender equality in the tech industry, particularly within her specialized area of cybersecurity. She is a strong advocate for women’s participation in this field and works proactively to encourage more women to venture into tech roles, specifically cybersecurity.

Tabriz herself represents a minority in the overwhelmingly male-dominated tech landscape. Recognizing this, she uses her platform to inspire, mentor, and equip women entering the field. She speaks at women-centric tech events and forums, shares her experiences, and offers guidance to women looking to forge a path in the cybersecurity area.

Through her advocacy work, she is helping to slowly shift the gender balance in the tech industry and making it more inclusive for everyone. Her efforts have not only produced tangible changes in the industry but also stirred conversations about gender stereotypes and biases in tech.

3. Influence on the Tech Industry

Parisa Tabriz is not just a cybersecurity expert; she is also an influencer in the tech industry. In addition to her significant role at Google, she has made a tremendous impact by advocating for increased diversity in the industry.

Tabriz is a strong supporter of individuals from underrepresented groups getting involved in tech. This comes not only from her own experiences as an Iranian-Polish woman in tech but also from her belief in the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and problem-solving.

Beyond her day-to-day job, Tabriz is regularly involved in speaking engagements at tech conferences and events around the world, where she shares her insights, experiences, and vision for a more inclusive tech industry. Her influence extends globally, inspiring people from all walks of life to strive for representation and inclusion in the tech world.


Parisa Tabriz is a distinguished figure in the tech industry, not only for her valuable work in cybersecurity at Google but also for her dedication towards equity and inclusivity in the sector. Through her continuous efforts as a mentor, advocate, and influencer, she is making strides in forging a brighter, more diverse future in the world of technology.

Key Takeaways

  • Parisa Tabriz has had a significant impact on Google, rising to the role of “Security Princess” and leading crucial cybersecurity initiatives.
  • Tabriz is a stalwart advocate for gender equality in tech, especially cybersecurity, addressing this imbalance through her own career and numerous outreach activities.
  • She champions diversity within the tech industry, leveraging her own experiences and influence to promote inclusion and represent underrepresented groups within the field.
  • Her work extends beyond Google to advocacy work, speaking events and global conferences, where she continually pushes for progress in tech diversity.
  • Tabriz’s contributions to the tech industry, both in her groundbreaking work in cybersecurity and as a diversity advocate, are profound and continue to inspire change.

Related Questions

1. How did Parisa Tabriz get the title “Security Princess” at Google?

Parisa Tabriz chose the title “Security Princess” for herself when she was asked to choose a job title for a conference. She opted for this tongue-in-cheek title as a way to make cybersecurity more approachable and challenge gender stereotypes in the tech industry.

2. What is Tabriz’s role in Google’s Chrome security team?

As the leader of the Chrome security team, Tabriz’s main responsibility is to safeguard the Chrome browser from potential threats. This encompasses identifying and fixing vulnerabilities and ensuring that Chrome offers the highest level of safety for its users.

3. Can you mention a few ways Tabriz promotes inclusion in the tech field?

Tabriz promotes inclusion in the tech field by speaking at various tech forums, mentoring women and individuals from underrepresented groups, and advocating for diversity within Google and the broader tech industry. She uses her platform to inspire and equip the next generation of diverse tech talent.

4. What is Project Zero that Tabriz oversees?

Project Zero is an initiative by Google aimed at finding “zero-day” vulnerabilities – those undisclosed software flaws that hackers might exploit before they’re discovered by the developers. The project’s objective is to improve the security of all software by eradicating such vulnerabilities.

5. What’s Tabriz’s motivation behind her advocacy for women in cybersecurity?

She’s motivated by her own experiences as a woman in the tech industry and the noticeable gender imbalance within her field. In advocating for women in cybersecurity, she aims to challenge and change gender stereotypes, creating an industry that is equally accessible and appealing to everyone, regardless of gender.

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