Nicole Perlroth: Cybersecurity Journalist

Nicole Perlroth: Cybersecurity Journalist

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Advocate
 Last update: November 25, 2023

Nicole Perlroth is an accomplished journalist and author, best known for her work in cybersecurity. She worked for The New York Times as a cybersecurity reporter for several years. Her writing primarily focuses on global hacking campaigns, cyber warfare, and surveillance technology. Perlroth has gained fame with her bestselling book “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends,” in which she explores the world of cyber weaponry and its implications on global security. She’s highly respected within the field and appreciated for her ability to break down complex concepts making them accessible for her readers.

1. Career Journey

Nicole Perlroth’s professional journey is filled with numerous achievements. She started as a staff writer focusing on business and technology at Forbes. But it was her work at The New York Times where she truly established herself as a significant voice in the field of cybersecurity. Here, she spent years reporting on subjects like global hacking campaigns, cyber warfare, and spyware. With her dedicated reporting and eye for detail, Perlroth made a name for herself in security journalism.

During her time at The New York Times, Perlroth broke multiple stories related to cyber threats, data breaches and digital espionage that made global headlines. Her work often delves into the intricate world of cybersecurity, revealing not only the threats that exist but also the efforts made to counteract attacks. Her informative and enlightening pieces have attracted massive readership and have helped increase public awareness and understanding of the complex world of cyber warfare.

2. Influence on Cybersecurity

Nicole Perlroth’s impact on cybersecurity can be seen through her prolific coverage of critical cybersecurity situations. With her well-researched articles, she has drawn attention to significant events often overlooked by mainstream news. This has led to increased public interest and understanding of cyber risks and the importance of cybersecurity measures. Perlroth’s detailed and accessible approach to explaining cyber threats has made security concepts less intimidating and more comprehensible for the general public.

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Through her focus on cyber threats, Perlroth has also influenced cybersecurity policies and strategies. Her investigative reporting has shed light on covert cyber operations and spyware scandals, leading to heightened scrutiny of cyber practices and enforcement of tighter regulations. Her writing has even catalyzed policy changes and discussions in organizations and government agencies, demonstrating the power of journalism in shaping cybersecurity trends and practices.

3. Published Works

Nicole Perlroth has not only made her mark with journalism but also through her noteworthy authorship. Her most renowned work is the book titled “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends.” In this comprehensive exploration of the underworld of cyber weaponry, she offers alarming insights into the open market for cyber weapons and the serious implications this has for global security.

Perlroth’s method of breaking down complex information into simpler, engaging narratives is spectacularly presented in the book. The convolutions of cyber warfare transform into a riveting story, making it accessible for readers with different levels of familiarity with the subject. This book has cemented her place as a prominent cybersecurity author, bringing critical issues of our digital era to the forefront, which is an important step in creating necessary awareness and change.


Nicole Perlroth is indeed a driving force in the field of cybersecurity, and her extensive influence cannot be underestimated. Through her illuminating journalism for The New York Times and eye-opening book, she has continually increased public understanding of cyber risks and has formed the way enterprises and governments approach cybersecurity across the globe.

Key Takeaways

  • Nicole Perlroth began her career as a business and technology writer at Forbes before gaining recognition at The New York Times as a cybersecurity reporter.
  • Her extensive coverage of cyber threats has significantly increased public understanding of cybersecurity risks and has shaped policies and practices in this area.
  • Perlroth’s book, “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends,” provides alarming insights into the underworld of cyber weapons and their implications on international security.
  • Through her journalism and authorship, Perlroth has effectively raised awareness about crucial issues in our increasingly digital world.
  • Perlroth’s work in cybersecurity has been instrumental in shaping and influencing the way governments and businesses approach digital security, proving the impact of journalism in this field.

Related Questions

1. What other projects has Nicole Perlroth worked on besides The New York Times and her book?

Throughout her career, Nicole Perlroth has covered a wide range of projects. She has written for Forbes, covered various high-profile cybersecurity threats, and often appears as a guest speaker at technology conferences.

2. What are some of Nicole Perlroth’s most recognizable cybersecurity articles?

Some of Perlroth’s notable pieces include her coverage on the Chinese army’s cyber espionage activities, her revelation about an Iranian cyber-attack on a dam in New York, and her reporting on the discovery of the Stuxnet computer worm.

3. Does Nicole Perlroth have any background in cybersecurity or computer science?

While Nicole Perlroth does not have a formal education in cybersecurity or computer science, she has developed extensive knowledge in these areas through her work as a journalist covering this field.

4. What major themes does Perlroth focus on in her book “This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends”?

In her book, Perlroth explores major themes of cyber attacks, cyber weaponry, international security risks, cyber warfare market, and the implications for global politics.

5. How has Perlroth’s work influenced cybersecurity policies?

Perlroth’s investigative writing, especially her disclosure of covert cyber operations, has led to increased oversight of cybersecurity practices and initiated discussions and reforms in digital policy and regulations among organizations and governments.

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