Jeremiah Grossman: Specialized in Web Application Security

Jeremiah Grossman: Specialized in Web Application Security

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Advocate
 Last update: November 25, 2023

Jeremiah Grossman is a world-renowned professional in the field of internet security, particularly known for his expertise in web security. He is the founder and former Chief Technology Officer for WhiteHat Security, a leading web security firm that provides services to businesses across different industries. Grossman is also credited with co-founding the Web Application Security Consortium, a group dedicated to the advancement of web application security. Apart from his entrepreneurial roles, he is an avid speaker, author, and instructor in the area of cybersecurity, sharing his knowledge at industry conferences and in various publications. Grossman’s cybersecurity expertise has been widely recognized, making him a trusted and influential figure in this field.

1. Jeremiah Grossman’s Career and Contributions in Cyberspace

Jeremiah Grossman has built an illustrious career in cybersecurity. He started gaining recognition while working at Yahoo as the Information Security Officer, a position that gave him a vast experience in managing internet security issues at a global scale.

Post Yahoo, he delved into his entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of WhiteHat Security. This platform has grown to be a prime player in providing comprehensive web security solutions to companies across various industries. It also reflects Grossman’s commitment to creating a safer cyber environment.

In addition to his business enterprises, Grossman’s contributions are also evident in setting up industry collaborations. As a co-founder of the Web Application Security Consortium, he facilitated collective efforts to enhance web application security and established common guidelines and standards.

2. Establishing WhiteHat Security: Grossman’s Role and Vision

The establishment of WhiteHat Security marked a significant milestone in Jeremiah Grossman’s career. Wanting to make a more substantial impact in cybersecurity, Grossman founded this top-tier web security firm, serving as its Chief Technology Officer.

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Under his leadership, WhiteHat Security has grown to become an industry leader, providing enterprises with the tools and services they need to secure their web applications against threats. Grossman’s vision was to offer more than just a service – he aimed to empower businesses to take full control of their cybersecurity.

Grossman’s dedication to innovation and customer service has seen WhiteHat grow from a small startup to a large enterprise serving thousands of clients worldwide. His forward-thinking strategies continue to drive the company in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

3. Public Engagements and Influences: Grossman as a Speaker, Author, and Instructor

Apart from his contributions as an entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert, Jeremiah Grossman also leverages his knowledge by being a key figure in industry conferences, engagements, and publications. He is a sought-after speaker and frequently shares his insights on web security at industry events and conferences around the world.

Grossman uses his insights and experiences to write about various aspects of cybersecurity. He has contributed to many reputable industry publications, further solidifying his influence in the cyber world. His writings offer accessible strategies for businesses and individuals seeking to improve their online security.

Furthermore, Grossman utilizes his expertise as an instructor, teaching courses and offering training sessions on cybersecurity. He believes in the power of education to strengthen security measures and plays a proactive role in nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity talent.


Jeremiah Grossman remains a highly influential figure in the field of cybersecurity, thanks to his years of experience and notable contributions. His role in shaping web application security, his entrepreneurial journeys, and his active participation in industry discourse make him a truly inspiring figure in the world of internet security.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeremiah Grossman is a renowned figure in the field of cybersecurity, particularly known for his work in web application security.
  • Formerly serving as the Information Security Officer at Yahoo, Grossman has a wealth of experience in the complex issues surrounding internet security.
  • Grossman is the founder and former CTO of WhiteHat Security, a leading web security firm that provides comprehensive solutions to enterprises across the globe.
  • Grossman co-founded the Web Application Security Consortium, playing a crucial role in establishing common standards for web application security.
  • Beyond his business ventures, Grossman is a public speaker, author, and instructor who is actively involved in industry discourse on cybersecurity.

Related Questions

1. What did Jeremiah Grossman do at Yahoo?

At Yahoo, Jeremiah Grossman served as the Information Security Officer where he handled various facets of the internet security for the company. He gained solid experience in managing security issues at a global scale during his tenure here.

2. Who are the clients of WhiteHat Security?

WhiteHat Security serves a diverse range of clients across various industries. They provide comprehensive web security solutions to companies, from small business operations to large scale enterprises worldwide.

3. What is Jeremiah Grossman’s contribution to the Web Application Security Consortium?

Jeremiah Grossman is a co-founder of the Web Application Security Consortium. He was instrumental in shaping this forum that encourages collaboration among experts to improve and promote web application security standards.

4. What is the scope of Jeremiah Grossman’s public speaking engagements?

Grossman is a highly sought-after speaker at international conferences and industry events. He shares his insights on various cybersecurity topics, including web security, emerging threats, and effective defense strategies.

5. Has Jeremiah Grossman written any books?

While Jeremiah Grossman hasn’t authored any standalone books, he has contributed numerous articles and blog posts to various industry publications. He uses his writing as a platform to share insights and strategies for improving cybersecurity.

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