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Jonathan Brossard: Conducted Research on Bios Security

Jonathan Brossard: Conducted Research on Bios Security

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 30th, 2023
This post was updated on November 25th, 2023

Jonathan Brossard is a highly skilled professional in the tech industry, widely known for his expertise in computer security. He has a deep understanding of software engineering and is a prolific speaker at many notable tech conferences, such as Black Hat and DEFCON. With his demonstrated proficiency in designing and implementing security architecture, Jonathan is recognized for his significant contribution to the computer security industry. Additionally, he is the founder and CEO of Toucan System, a company dedicated to providing advanced security solutions. Jonathan has a reputation for being able to identify and fix security vulnerabilities and complex issues, making him an essential figure in this domain.

1. Jonathan Brossard’s Notable Achievements in Computer Security

Jonathan Brossard has made several significant contributions to the field of computer security. His expertise in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities has allowed him to make advancements in cyber security technology. He has developed innovative techniques for security architecture, all while continuously improving and adapting his methods to emerging threats in the cyber world.

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In particular, Brossard gained worldwide attention with his creation of the “permanent backdoor” concept, also known as the Rakshasa malware. This ingenious software is capable of re-installing itself even after a hard-disk cleanup or OS re-installation, making it a game-changer in malware persistence and resilience.

Aside from his contributions in the field, Brossard has also demonstrated a significant commitment to raising awareness about the importance of robust cyber security strategies. His research, thought leadership, and innovation have made him a trustworthy figure in the computer security landscape.

2. His Influence as a Speaker at Major Tech Conferences

Jonathan Brossard is a proven thought leader who frequently shares his knowledge at major tech conferences worldwide. Across various platforms, he discusses important topics surrounding computer security, cyber threats and ways to mitigate them. His insightful presentations at industry-leading conferences including Black Hat and DEFCON have been well-received and highly acclaimed.

Not only does Brossard provide in-depth knowledge about cyber security, but he also presents live demonstrations to make complex topics engaging and understandable for the attendees. These live demos often include unveiling new tools or techniques that he’s developed, providing valuable learning experiences for other professionals in the field. His goal is to cultivate a broader understanding of security risks and the actions needed to counteract them.

Brossard’s contribution as a speaker extends beyond just presenting. He is known for actively participating in discussions, forums, and Q&A sessions, where he candidly answers questions, offers insights and shares his experiences. He’s been instrumental in fostering open dialogues about computer security and has helped many professionals further their understanding of this critical field.

3. The Impact of Toucan System: His Company for Advanced Security Solutions

Toucan System, a company founded by Jonathan Brossard, is a reflection of his commitment and dedication to providing advanced security solutions. The company aims to protect businesses from cyber threats by delivering cutting-edge security technology and services.

Under Brossard’s leadership, Toucan System has made substantial improvements in the way businesses approach and manage their IT security. The company provides a range of innovative services, including security audits, pentesting, and intrusion testing. Each service aims to identify security flaws and offer tailored protective measures to businesses of all sizes.

Jonathan Brossard’s energy and ambition are clearly demonstrated in Toucan System’s success. His forward-thinking approach to cyber security and extensive field expertise have played critical roles in crafting the company’s holistic and effective security solutions. Through Toucan System, Brossard continues to make a significant impact on the digital security landscape.


Jonathan Brossard, with his exceptional talent and innovative thinking, has undoubtedly become a renowned figure in the cyber security industry. Whether through discovering new vulnerabilities, leading insightful talks at major conferences, or providing advanced security solutions via Toucan System, Brossard continues to shape and secure our digital world.

Key Takeaways

  • Jonathan Brossard is a leading expert in computer security, particularly known for creating the Rakshasa malware.
  • He frequently speaks at tech conferences like Black Hat and DEFCON, sharing his expertise and educating others about cyber threats and preventative measures.
  • He is the founder and CEO of Toucan System, a company that provides advanced security technologies and services to protect businesses from cyber threats.
  • Given his significant contributions to the field, Jonathan Brossard is a highly influential figure in the world of cyber security.
  • His ground-breaking research, thought leadership, and practical solutions have transformed the understanding and management of cyber security around the globe.

Related Questions

1. What inspired Jonathan Brossard to start Toucan System?

Toucan System was started by Jonathan Brossard out of his passion for cyber security and his desire to provide superior protective measures for businesses. He wanted to help organizations understand and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats, and thus created advanced security solutions through the company.

2. What is the Rakshasa malware?

The Rakshasa malware, created by Jonathan Brossard, is a sophisticated malicious software that can re-install itself even after a hard-disk cleanup or OS re-installation. This has revolutionized the concept of a “permanent backdoor”, and underscores the resilient nature of contemporary threats in cyber security.

3. How has Jonathan Brossard contributed to the cyber security industry?

His contributions are vast and diverse, from creating innovative cyber threats like the Rakshasa malware to formulating advanced security solutions through Toucan System. Furthermore, by actively participating in major tech conferences, Brossard has educated countless individuals about the importance and intricacies of cyber security.

4. What services does Toucan System offer?

Toucan System offers a wide range of cyber security services, including security audits, intrusion testing, and pentesting. All of these services aim to discover and correct security flaws, thereby fortifying the digital infrastructure of businesses against cyber attacks.

5. What makes Jonathan Brossard a reliable speaker at tech conferences?

Brossard is recognized at tech conferences for his profound cyber security knowledge, candid insights, and ability to present complex topics in an engaging manner. His live demonstrations and willingness to share personal experiences sets him apart as a trusted and respected figure in the industry.

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."
-- Bruce Schneier, a renown computer security professional
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