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Developer APIs

Developer APIs

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on July 7th, 2024

If you’re looking to enhance your programming projects with powerful, free resources, look no further. This list of APIs provides a diverse range of functionalities, from fetching high-quality images and weather data to managing stock trades and processing PDFs, all without breaking the bank.

This fantastic compilation of APIs comes straight from the brilliant mind of YouTuber @CodingWithLewis. As a dedicated fan of his channel, I’m always amazed by his knack for turning complex programming concepts into engaging and accessible content.

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40 APIs Every Developer Should Use (Video)

Unsplash API: Allows you to access high-quality stock photos. Useful for querying images for blogs or group chats.

YouTube API: Enables interaction with YouTube to change thumbnails, titles, and more. Good for A/B testing and dynamic content.

Watchmode: Acts like a search engine based on the movies you provide, great for building projects on what to watch.

Pantry: Provides a simple JSON storage solution with CRUD capabilities, perfect for small applications that need a database.

Clearbit: Fetches company logos based on company names or URLs.

Waifu API: Generates anime character images programmatically.

IGDB (Internet Game Database): Provides detailed information on video games including genres, covers, and more.

Discord API: Enables the creation of custom bots for Discord channels to play games, engage communities, and more.

World News API: Accesses the latest world news. Has a free tier with limited daily requests.

Random Data Generator: Generates fake data for testing applications, supporting various models without needing an API key.

Foreign Exchange Rates API: Provides foreign exchange rate data without requiring authentication, including historical data.

svix (Webhooks as a service): Facilitates sending data from one application to another through webhooks.

kroki: Converts text into diagrams in JPEG or PNG formats.

Google Docs API: Allows interaction with Google Docs, enabling data extraction and integration with other services.

HTTP Status Dogs: Returns humorous images representing HTTP status codes.

GeoKeo: Translates addresses into geographical coordinates with a generous free tier of requests.

Machinet (GPT-4 in JetBrains): Embeds GPT-4 capabilities into JetBrains IDEs for enhanced coding assistance.

TicketMaster API: Searches for events and terms, useful for event discovery.

ilovepdf API: Manipulates PDF files by extracting text, editing, compressing, and more.

CloudConvert: Converts files between various formats. Cost-effective for applications needing file conversion.

ollama: Runs large language models on local machines with an accessible API.

Free Dictionary API: Provides word definitions without requiring an API key, run by donations.

OpenWeather API: Offers reliable weather data with 1000 free calls per day.

Alpha Vantage: Provides data on financial markets including technical indicators, historical data, and more.

Yahoo Finance API: Fetches historical stock data, often maintained through community-driven projects.

Deck of Cards API: Manages and manipulates card decks programmatically, useful for game development.

WordPress API: Interacts with WordPress sites, allowing for complex front-end integrations.

Spotify API: Retrieves information on artists and songs, useful for music-related applications.

Podcast Index API: Provides information and transcripts for podcasts.

Deepgram AI API: Converts speech to text with added features like timestamping and sentiment analysis.

Zen Quotes API: Fetches motivational quotes without needing an API key.

Open Food Facts API: Retrieves detailed information on food items based on barcodes.

Stripe API: Facilitates payment processing, widely used for building financial applications.

Resend (for emails): Simplifies email sending in applications, supporting various programming languages. Identifies anime series from given image frames, with a monthly quota.

TickTick API: Provides API access to TickTick for task and project management.

Alpaca API: Popular for creating automated stock trading bots, with extensive documentation.

NASA (multiple APIs): Offers a wide range of data related to astronomy and space exploration.

The Movie DB API: Provides information on movies and TV shows, similar to IMDB but not owned by Amazon.

digidates: Validates dates and handles date-related functions without the overhead of larger libraries.

OpenSky Network: Tracks real-time data on flights, available through REST API or programming languages like Python and Java.

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