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How to Get YouTube Thumbnails

How to Get YouTube Thumbnails

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Researcher
 Published on December 26th, 2023

YouTube offers various thumbnail sizes for videos, each with a specific use. The smallest size is 120 x 90 pixels, which you often see in YouTube’s search results or when videos are suggested to you.

If you’d like to reference a YouTube video using its thumbnail, the below URLs will be helpful to you.

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12090<VIDEO ID>/1.jpg
12090<VIDEO ID>/2.jpg
12090<VIDEO ID>/3.jpg
12090<VIDEO ID>/default.jpg
320180<VIDEO ID>/mq1.jpg
320180<VIDEO ID>/mq2.jpg
320180<VIDEO ID>/mq3.jpg
320180<VIDEO ID>/mqdefault.jpg
480360<VIDEO ID>/0.jpg
480360<VIDEO ID>/hq1.jpg
480360<VIDEO ID>/hq2.jpg
480360<VIDEO ID>/hq3.jpg
480360<VIDEO ID>/hqdefault.jpg

Additionally, the availability of the following thumbnails may vary, which likely depends on whether the video is of high quality.

640480<VIDEO ID>/sd1.jpg
640480<VIDEO ID>/sd2.jpg
640480<VIDEO ID>/sd3.jpg
640480<VIDEO ID>/sddefault.jpg
1280720<VIDEO ID>/hq720.jpg
19201080<VIDEO ID>/maxresdefault.jpg

SOURCE: Stack Overflow

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