David Hulton: Notable for Gsm Security Research

David Hulton: Notable for Gsm Security Research

 By Charles Joseph | Cybersecurity Advocate
 Last update: November 25, 2023

David Hulton is a renowned expert in the field of computer security and cryptography. He is most notably recognized for his role as the founder and former CEO of Pico Computing. He is known for his contribution in developing specialized hardware architectures for high-speed computer applications. In the cybersecurity world, his claim to fame is his breakthrough work in password cracking, particularly his achievements in cracking DES (Data Encryption Standard) codes. Apart from his technical wizardry, he is equally known for speaking at reputed technology events like DEF CON and Toorcon. Today, his work continues to inspire and influence new generations of computer security professionals.

1. David Hulton’s Contributions to Computer Security and Cryptography

David Hulton’s career in the technology industry is marked by significant contributions to the field of computer security and cryptography. His expertise lies in developing and implementing advanced algorithms that enhance our understanding and practice of secure digital communications and data management.

His contributions are particularly notable for their broad impact, helping pave the way for major advancements in computer security. His work has often focused on exposing the vulnerabilities in existing systems, thereby highlighting the need for better security measures.

Furthermore, Hulton is very active in the cybersecurity community, often sharing his knowledge and insights at prominent tech gatherings. His dedication to his work and the industry at large has unquestionably played a significant role in the advancements in the field of computer security and cryptography.

2. His Role as Founder and Ex-CEO of Pico Computing

Another defining aspect of David Hulton’s career is the establishment of Pico Computing. As the founder and former CEO of this dynamic company, Hulton had a pivotal role in creating a successful start-up in a competitive tech landscape. Pico Computing specialized in producing scalable hardware, specifically focusing on FPGA chips.

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Under his leadership, Pico Computing grew significantly, offering completely reconfigurable computing solutions that outperformed many contemporaries. Hulton’s knack for identifying gaps in the hardware market and filling them impacted the industry, transforming the relationship between hardware and software.

Although he no longer holds the position of CEO, his contributions and vision have left an enduring impact on Pico Computing and its relations with the larger tech industry. His legacy at the company is very much relevant and visible in the strategies and culture of innovation that continues till today.

3. David Hulton’s Achievements in Password Cracking: A Look into the DES case

David Hulton’s expertise in computer security and cryptography is best exemplified by his notable achievements in password cracking. An area where he truly distinguished himself was in cracking the DES (Data Encryption Standard) codes. The DES, a once-popular method of securing digital information, was demonstrated by Hulton’s work to be vulnerable, pushing the tech industry to pursue stronger encryption techniques.

The breakthrough, announced at a DEF CON event, was the outcome of a specialized piece of architecture that Hulton had developed and implemented: an FPGA chip capable of processing trillions of DES keys per second. This achievement goes beyond technical accomplishment – it raised awareness about the potential vulnerabilities of widely used encryption standards and paved the way for the adoption of more secure encryption protocols.

Today, Hulton’s groundbreaking work is part of computer security lore. It serves as a milestone in the journey towards more robust and secure data encryption, and continues to inspire professionals in the field of cybersecurity.


David Hulton’s career and achievements highlight the ever-evolving landscape of computer security and cryptography. From founding Pico Computing and revolutionizing hardware-software integration, to cracking the DES codes and pushing for stronger encryption standards, he has had an unmistakable impact on technology and cybersecurity.

Key Takeaways

  • As a computer security and cryptography expert, David Hulton has significantly contributed to the industry.
  • He is the founder and former CEO of Pico Computing, known for high-speed computing solutions.
  • Hulton’s work in cracking the DES codes shifted the industry towards more secure encryption standards.

Related Questions

1. How has David Hulton’s work impacted the field of cryptography?

Hulton’s work in cracking the DES codes was a breakthrough in the field of cryptography. It placed him among world-leading experts who could decipher major encryption protocols, pushing the industry towards inventing stronger encryption techniques.

2. What is Pico Computing and how was David Hulton related to it?

Pico Computing is a company that specializes in scalable hardware architecture for high-speed computing applications. David Hulton is the founder and former CEO of this company.

3. How has David Hulton’s work influenced hardware-software integration?

Through his venture, Pico Computing, Hulton has pioneered innovations that transformed hardware-software integration. The company’s reconfigurable computing products are highly efficient and have been instrumental in optimizing computer hardware for specific softwares.

4. Which platforms has David Hulton used to share his knowledge and insights?

Hulton has regularly attended leading tech conferences like DEF CON and Toorcon to share his insights about new developments in computer security and cryptography.

5. What are some key markers of David Hulton’s legacy in the tech industry?

David Hulton’s critical role in enhancing computer security and cryptography, founding the successful start-up Pico Computing, and cracking DES codes are some of the defining markers of his legacy in the tech industry.

"Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people."
-- Bruce Schneier, a renown computer security professional